Oversoul World Ministries
Statement by the Chairman -  Board of Trustees
Oversoul Philosophy:  The Oversoul New Consciousness and Spirituality is a practical philosophy of the inner life in relation to health, happiness, social welfare, stewardship and success.  Men and women, as spiritual beings are living an essentially spiritual life, for the sake of the soul.  Their lives proceed from within outward, and makes for harmony, health, freedom, efficiency, and service to others.

They need to realize the spiritual truth of their being, that they may rise above all ills and all obstacles into fulness of power.  Every resource they could ask for is at hand, in the omnipresent divine wisdom.  Every individual can learn to draw upon divine resources. The special methods of New Consciousness grow out of this central spiritual principle.  Much stress is put upon inner or spiritual control, because each of us needs to become "still" to learn how to be affirmative, optimistic.  Suggestion or affirmation is employed to banish ills and errors and establish spiritual truth in their place.
New Consciousness and Spirituality then is not a substitute for Christianity (or any other common belief system) but an inspired return to the original teachings of the masters, as the scriptures are applied to the every day life of each individual.

While the Oversoul has become a "free thinkers religion" embracing a New Consciousness philosophy, the doctrines of the Oversoul continue to guarantee that each member shall have the absolute right to practice his/her own religious beliefs, including the distillation of Moral Law from the transcendent supernatural, this, from divine revelation.  This dual belief system born out of the demand by modern "free thinkers" guarantees the personal right to maintain a religious relationship with the faith of choosing while experiencing the Natural Law philosophy presented by the transcendentalists and other insightful individuals. 

Equality of Sexes and Races:  From the beginning of the Oversoul Associative Religion, men and women of all races have played a prominent role in developing this Spirituality.  The Oversoul continues to encourage openness, and in so doing is an advocate and embraces diversity --- of age, race, ethnicity, gender, economic status, abilities and marital status. 

A Quiet Religion:  Throughout the years, the Oversoul has retained it's tradition of being a "quiet religion" preferring to administer to individual stewardship, rather than take on an evangelical scope of making the transcendentalist philosophy known to all who would listen.  In spite of the Oversoul's desire to remain "private" and "individual" the Oversoul is being draw into a changing world where a vast world population is seeking out the Oversoul for insight in the most philosophical areas of understanding.  Whole groups of those who have their own spirituality are seeking answers from the Oversoul on matters which impact the economic and resilency of those who understand that "times are changing" and these changes will extend themselves into the new millennium.  A time of reflection, contemplation, and resolution is at hand. The concept of "free thinking" which gives the individual the ability to pick and choose thir personal religiosity will become the way of the future.   Oversoul is at the forefront of these changes and we intend to accept our role in this "transformation" as a continuation of the work of the transcendentalists as well as a dictate from the "higher power" that "unknown source of energy" which commands attention and action to achieve a "higher calling" than any of us could consciously imagine.  In essence, we have become co-creators in the grand scheme of cultural evolution.

The next 150 years will see a thousand times the changes of the past 150 years.  Science is advancing so rapidly that the human mind has a problem accepting the new findings.  Computer science is doubling its capacity every three years.  The world population is rapidly becoming a homogeneous wave of humanity seeking answers to age old questions.  Within the next 150 years we could see colonies living in space, macro-biology solving the mysteries of creation and longevity.  The soul of an individual will take on a different property.  The idea of "faith" will not be lodged in the sphere of the unknown.  Faith will be a source of self-reliance and wisdom based upon knowledge and application.  In its simplest form - Stewardship.
Transformation: The Oversoul World Ministries has begun its voyage into the future by understanding the cultural changes of the past and how these changes effect lives and traditions.  Change is constant, "one must lead, follow, or get out of the way".  Oversoul intends to lead its members, and those who wish to associate themselves with the Oversoul philosophies, into the future by providing them with "free thinking" philosophies as we prepare the platform for those who will follow us on this mission.