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Laws of Nature

Oversoul is characterized as loving Nature and establishing a relationship to things that are natural.  Since Nature is taken as intrinsically valuable, and because relating appropriately to Nature presupposes its preservation and protection, Nature in general and environmental issues in particular, are important to those of the Oversoul.  This is evidenced by Emerson's essay "Nature" which expands on the beauty of Nature and the need for every person to protect the environment, which has been received as a gift from the Creator, to be used but never abused.

     "I hold that when we take a view of the Universe, in it's parts general or particular, it is impossible for the human mind not    to perceive and feel a conviction of design, consummate skill, and indefinite power in every atom of its composition.  It is impossible, I say, for the human mind not to believe that there is --- a fabricator of all things."  Thomas Jeferson.

What are the Laws of Nature?  William Blackstone's Commentaries on Laws, published in 1765, became a source of Common Law and one of the most quoted sources by our Founding Fathers.  The United States Supreme Court and the American court system used these definitions for over 170 years to settle disputes and examine procedures.

Blackstone explains natural laws as follows:

     Man, considered as a creature, must necessarily be subject to the laws of his Creator, for he is entirely
     a dependent being.  And consequently as man depends absolutely upon his maker for everything, it is 
     necessary that he should in all points conform to his maker's will.  This will of his maker is call the Law
     of Nature.

He makes a summary statement that provided a standard for all government laws:

     Upon these two foundations, the Laws of Nature and the Laws of Revelation (laws of God) depends all human laws, that is to say that no human laws should be suffered to contradict these.

The Laws of Nature are eternal, immutable laws of good and evil as exacted by God.  That means they never change.  The Laws of Nature, dictated by God, course superior to any other.  They are binding over all the globe, all the countries and in all times.  No human laws are of any validity if contrary to these.lo

The philosophy of the United States of America's Declaration of Independence asserting "self-evident" "unalienable rights" of people granted by the Laws of Nature and Nature's God came from Blackstone.of Independence asserting "self-evident" "unalienable rights" of people granted by the Laws in Blackstone.

     "From the days of the Declaration of Independence --- the American people were bound by the Laws of God, (Laws of Nature) which they all --- acknowledged as the rules of their conduct."  John Quincy Adams

The United States Supreme Court in 1884, in reference to the individual's God given rights stated:

     "These  inherent rights have never been more happily expressed than in the Declaration of Independence, "we hold these truths to be self-evident' --- ' that all men are endowed' --- not by edicts of emperors or decrees of parliament, or acts of Congress, but 'by their Creator with certain inalienable rights and that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and to secure these' not grant them but secure them --- 'governments are instituted among men. 

These topics are important to the Oversoul member as he or she learns to ask good questions about the Laws of Nature which are immutable in the evolution and ongoing creative process of the Universe.  These topics are equally important in the advancement of the Oversoul's "common belief system," as they impact the Canon Laws of the Associative Religion, the Parliamentary Laws of the United States, as well as the administrative codes which dramatically effect the lives of every citizen.

​Nature's God is an all-consuming force.  It is the wind upon the water, the changing of the leaves, the simplicity of a rose, deep in color and hue.  It is lovers in their embrace, children in their laughter, and the sheen of honey-colored hair.  It is the sun rising in the morning, a star twinkling in the night, the moon in its journey across the midnight sky.  "Nature's God is movement and color, sound and light.  It is passion, love, joy and sadness. That which is, all that is, is what the term Nature and Nature's God, the totality of life is all about."  Ramtha 

All people concede the existence of universal, inalienable Laws of Nature that govern the physical universe.  Further, just as there are physical laws of nature, so there are ethical laws of nature that has been recognized as international law. Specifically, a "higher" moral law superseded absolute obedience to the state as the highest legal authority.  The recognition of supremacy on Nature's Law reached its climax in the Nuremberg judgments against the Nazi regime.  These judgments were largely based upon the postulate that the individual may have a legal obligation to disregard immoral superior orders in the name of a "higher" moral law.    "The knowledge of Nature is the Revelation of God." --- Ethan Allen    

Since the Creator has revealed Himself in Nature, and this revelation is nonverbal and universal, the direct interaction with Nature by those of the Oversoul is essentially religious, as it pertains to the most fundamental revelation of the Creator's existence, Nature.  This is part of the essential medium of communication between Creator and creature, which sustains, enlivens, and inspires one to new levels of communion and insight between themselves and Nature's God.