Oversoul World Ministries
​"Man's Chief Duty is to Work for the Welfare of the Human Race"
It is undeniable that the world is changing!  Airplanes flying into the New York Trade Center on 9/11 symbolized a new realty.  Life as we have known it is not going to continue.  The changes are there for all to see --- from the threat of terrorism to failing institutions.

Not only is the world changing, we are witnessing the beginning of the most profound change in human consciousness since ancient Greek philosophy.  The world as we have known it is the result of mental and perceptual habits with their logical and metaphysical foundations going back as far as 600 BC beginning with the Pythagoras and further continued to become known as the majority report in philosophy.  Today our survival depends on going into a new frontier, and growing a new mind.

For the first time in recorded history, we have at our fingertips the ability to change our genetic code, shift our planet's weather, engineer new forms of life and duplicate existing ones --- powers that have traditionally been left to God and the forces of Nature.  The controversy surrounding stem cells, atmospheric lenses and genetically modified foods suggest that our technologies may have outpaced our understanding of where such knowledge fits into our lives.  Now the same science that has unlocked creation's innermost secrets must solve the deepest mysteries of all; the very nature of our consciousness, our soul and ultimately our Creator.

Our ability to marry the sacred traditions of our past with the most sophisticated science of our future may yield nothing less than the greatest epoch of peace yet know to our kind --- keys to our survival.

The "primary" goal of Oversoul World Ministries is to provide financial support to humanitarian projects which meet focus ares of:  






However, since life seeks those who are inquisitive and bold,  Oversoul has dedicated a portion of it's Stewardship program to help fund the advancement of innovation and the creative process which could prove beneficial to future generations.

A complete list of the Ministries charitable and humanitarian activities over the past 168 years would be impossible due to the lack of space.